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  • Jun 14:Mundra power: Relief granted Details
  • Jun 14:How big a job creator is renewal energy? Details
  • Jun 14:Transmission line outages: Get the schedule here Details
  • Jun 14:RE procurement by generators: Power minister wants all hurdles cleared Details
  • Jun 14:Grouse against coal sampling dismissed Details
  • Jun 14:Long term hydel power procurement: There are downsides to it Details
  • Jun 14:Electricity in 2050: Find out how it is going to pan out Details
  • Jun 14:Even Shapoorji Pallonji finds it difficult to keep renewable power outfit in robust health Details
  • Jun 14:Breakthrough technology: Two wheeler charged in give minutes Details
  • Jun 13:Change of law disputes: Some unanswered questions Details
  • Jun 13:New model more effective in controlling gas turbine performance Details
  • Jun 13:Status update on construction of new substation in India Details
  • Jun 13:2000 MW renewal energy giant in a tight spot Details
  • Jun 13:Coal consumption grows in India Details
  • Jun 13:Coal projects delayed, forcing power companies to go for interim linkages Details
  • Jun 12:Transmission element outage planning for July 2019 Details
  • Jun 12:Details of proposed maintenance programme of generating units during June 2019 & July 2019 Details
  • Jun 12:FGD phasing plan for the year of 2020: An update Details Details
  • Jun 12:Coal continues to play a big role in India Details
  • Jun 12:Greenfield coal projects: Are banks turning off the tap? Details
  • Jun 12:Is coal dead? "No", says the data Details
  • Jun 12:Bhutan: Has India been unmindful? Details
  • Jun 11:Diesel generator market: Is it in permanent decline? Details
  • Jun 11:Land developers in Haryana: Load connection payments are sought to be relaxed Details
  • Jun 10:Challenging a CGRF order in a court of low may not be enough reason not to comply with the order Details
  • Jun 10:SC judgement on CERC being the only mediator for power disputes for supply of power to more than one state: Repercussions being felt all around Details
  • Jun 10:Incentivizing electric vehicle sale: There is room for improvement Details
  • Jun 10:New OPGW/OFC links coming up Details
  • Jun 10:Change of law provisions: New interpretations Details
  • Jun 07:Five reasons gas is not a bridge to a safe climate Details
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