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  • Dec 05:A conference on solar plant performance in India are coming soon Details
  • Dec 05:By 2050, there could be up to 78 million tonnes of waste from PV modules globally: An analysis Details
  • Dec 05:In 2050, the global power can be totally supplied by clean energy in which 69% comes from PV, 18% from wind power and 8% from hydropower: A report Details
  • Dec 05:How can Paris Agreement commitments be improved now to close the gap to 1.5°C ? Details
  • Dec 05:What is the Role of Nanofluids and Renewable Energy in the development of sustainable desalination systems ? Details
  • Dec 05:Bhilwara Green Energy Limited: Company remains exposed to MSEDCL’s credit risk profile Details
  • Dec 04:EV adoption in India catches up, businesses and fleet operators cab be the catalysts-their scale means they can immediate benefit commercial from adopting EVs: A report Details
  • Dec 04:PSS Tuning of power generators: What is new? Details
  • Dec 04:Transmission-Scale Battery Energy Storage Systems: Can it improve the economics of a utility-scale BESS project? Details
  • Dec 04:What are the impact of Socio-economic on the Energy transition? Details
  • Dec 04:Raipur Energen Ltd: The company expects that it will be able to have a long term tie-up for power as well as fuel by March 2022 Details
  • Dec 04:Supplier aims to deliver LNG in the West Coast Zone-1 tariff areas at $6/mmbtu for 8-10 years Details
  • Dec 03:More on why PLL has a winning deal in the Tellurian LNG project Details
  • Dec 03:How much lower can spot LNG prices go? Details
  • Dec 03:What are the Challenges for international cooperation in the Asian power sector? Details
  • Dec 03:ABB has been named as one of five Global E-mobility Leaders for 2019 Details
  • Dec 03:Where are we in the global energy transition? Details
  • Dec 03:India asks state-run firms to clear over $1 bn owed to green energy firms: The exuberance over affordability of green energy must be read in the context of dues from buyers Details
  • Dec 03:The overall net sales of Power industry registered marginal negative growth of 0.7% in Q2FY20: What is the impact of this growth on Power sector? Details
  • Dec 02:LNJ Power Ventures Limited: The annual PLF is expected to be significantly lower than the generation in FY2019. Details
  • Dec 02:Clean Wind Power (Devgarh) Private Limited: The Company remains exposed to credit risk profile of Rajasthan discoms Details
  • Dec 02:What are the technical challenges facing the Integration of Small-Scale and Large-scale PV Systems into the Grid? Details
  • Dec 02: Khaya Solar Projects Private Limited: Moved to Non Cooperating category Details
  • Dec 02:Orient Green Power Company Limited: Variability in wind speed may affect PLF levels and actual electricity generation thereby leading to volatility in revenues and cashflows Details
  • Dec 02:Prayagraj Power Generation Company Limited: Weak operational performance of asset Details
  • Dec 02:Rosa Power Supply Company Limited: The company will remain exposed to funding and execution risks for timely completion of FGD capex within the budgeted cost Details
  • Dec 02:Shah Coal Private Limited: Weak demand outlook for coal Details
  • Dec 02:Techno Electric & Engineering Company Limited: The impact of the tariff reduction of wind assets is expected to pull down the wind division’s profits in FY2021. Details
  • Nov 29:OPG power ventures: Decrease in generation in H1 FY 2020 Details
  • Nov 29:Indian average per capita electricity consumption continue to be less than half of world average per capita electricity consumption: A report Details
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