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  • Nov 19:JSPL shows up Rs 9983 cr revenue growth in Q3 2018 Details
  • Nov 19:Latest technology to tackle problems faced in construction of transmission lines in the hilly regions: Know more Details
  • Nov 16:Waste to Energy Conversion: An emerging technology in the power sector Details
  • Nov 15:SPTL plans to invest in the intra-state transmission projects Details
  • Nov 13:Amendments for retrofitting of wet limestone based FGD in a TPS: Know more Details
  • Nov 01:SJVN's outstanding payment due on UPPCL: What are the consequences Details
  • Oct 29:BHEL's power segment shows up a healthy revenue growth: More orders to come up in the FY19 Details
  • Oct 23:Coal based power generation will remain in demand Details
  • Oct 23:Coal power plants face a double whammy Details
  • Oct 23:A 3x660 MW super-critical thermal power project: Ministry NOC still to come Details
  • Oct 16:Imported coal will continue to remain in demand in the power sector Details
  • Oct 16:Domestic coal shortage still pertains in the power plants Details
  • Oct 16:Islanding Scheme is coming up in 2x210 MW IB Thermal Power Station: A boon in the transmission network Details
  • Oct 12:NTPC & PFC: What does it look like from the other side Details
  • Oct 12:Global warming: What kind of disruptions to expect? Details
  • Oct 12:LNJ Power Ventures Ltd: A lot of trouble Details
  • Oct 12:Coal India: Capex flows Details
  • Oct 12:Massive power capacity coming up Details
  • Oct 10:Uttar Pradesh Power Corporation: Hazardous counter-party risk Details
  • Oct 10:Wind power: Generators run up overdue receivable of 230 days in Maharashtra Details
  • Oct 10:Clean energy: "Catalytic" funding is the new innovation but will it ever take off? Details
  • Oct 10:BF Utilities: Runs into trouble with original service provider Details
  • Oct 10:New captive power plants coming up Details
  • Oct 10:Hydel power promoter: Are you looking for a deep pocketed investor? Details
  • Oct 09:China and India account for half of the growth in global energy demand Details
  • Oct 04:2000 MW hydro project: Pending PPA a major concern Details
  • Oct 04:Pending Long Term PPAs delaying 800 MW & 600 MW hydropower projects Details
  • Sep 27:Substations upcoming in different transmission companies: Know more Details
  • Sep 26:Know how grid coped with the crisis Details
  • Sep 26: Railway sidings: Not much progress Details
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